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Tree Removal Service, Stump Grinding Service, and More!

Planting trees in your backyard is one way to improve your property’s appearance. For them to grow and flourish properly, you should take proper care of it regularly. This means you doing specific tasks like pruning and fertilization. These prevent plant diseases and unwanted pests. If you’re planning to clear out your garden to plant trees, you should book our lot clearing service.


Taking proper care of your trees is unlike attending to the other plants in your garden. Plus, you have more important priorities which need your attention immediately. Instead of setting aside this essential chore, you must hire a local arborist. Booking a reliable tree service is the solution. For more than 10 years, people in South Lake Tahoe, CA depend on Armstrong Tree Service to book a brush removal service.

Tree Trimming Service in [ln] 

Tree Trimming Service

Regular trimming helps improve your tree’s entire appearance. Hiring our arborists for the job is the smartest thing to do. I always use special tools to ensure I trim the right branches properly. This is also a great way for preventing the diseases from infecting the entire tree.


Stump Grinding Service

Tree stumps are a big problem on your property. Not only do they ruin your property’s appearance, they can also cause serious injuries. Hiring me is the best solution for this problem. I employ the proper techniques needed for the job. When I handle the task for you, your property is free of those stumps.


Snow Removal Service

Snowdrift can block your property and cause accidents. Getting rid of them from your property isn’t an easy task for you to do. I use heavy-duty equipment to make sure that all traces of the snow are cleared from your area properly.

If you want to book a tree removal service in South Lake Tahoe, CA, Armstrong Tree Service is the company that you should contact. I offer professional and budget-friendly tree care services. I serve commercial and residential customers who are located at Echo Lakes, CA; Echo Summit, CA; Fallen Leaf Lake, CA; Camp Richardson, CA; Stateline, NV. To get your free price estimate, feel free to contact (530) 240-9260 today!