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4 Essential Tree Removal Tools

Is there a tree that you want to remove from your yard? If so, it is important to have the right experience and tools for such task. The latter is important because tree removal can be a dangerous activity. Listed below are four tools you should have before removing a tree:

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Axe – A tool every tree company service should have is the ax. This is especially
    useful when creating pilot cuts to direct a tree’s fall. A good ax should durable and sturdy yet easy on the hands to wield for several chops.
  • Chainsaws – Ever since the chainsaw was invented, it is now easier to remove many trees in a short amount of time. Chainsaws can either run in electric or gas-powered motors. Gas-powered chainsaws are ideal to cut tree trunks while electric ones are suitable for removing branches or small trees.
  • Crosscut Saws – Before the invention of the chainsaw, crosscut saws were the go-to tree cutting tool. It is a large saw blade that has handles on each end, requiring two persons to use it. Crosscut saws can come in various lengths for various tree diameter sizes.
  • Stump Grinders – Once the tree has been removed, all that is left is its stump. To remove it, you will need a stump grinder. The grinder looks like a large circular saw that can grind the stump and roots in a matter of minutes. Like with crosscut saws, stump grinders can range from portable units to vehicle-sized machines for large tree stumps.

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